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For more than 10 years parents in Saratov have trusted teachers of the pre-school academy “Top-Top” to educate their children. “Top-Top” is a pre-school educational establishment with its own traditions, history and high reputation. The general director of the academy, Olga Prozorova, tells us about the beginning and the present day of “Top-Top”.


Why “Top-Top”?



“Top-Top” is the refrain in a well-known song which can be easily recognized by grown-ups and children. Russian word “top” stands for the sound of a kid’s first steps in the magical world of new interests and passions. The English “top” means “the best, the upper level, something highly set”. All by itself the motto appeared. It runs “Even a two-year-old gets ready for the college world!” And that is not exaggeration! The long way to knowledge starts at the childhood drawing board. Our first logo looked like this:


    As soon as the name was chosen everything fell into place.



How did you  vision “Top-Top”?

I designed Top-Top” as a fairy world for children, a world different from everything else! As soon as the conception and the curriculum were set we began to think about advertising. The following pictures were found: 



When Top-the-Bear appeared?


He came at the end of the first academic year. The funny Bear attends lessons and festive occasions. “Top-Top” diplomas are decorated with his image.


 Every pupil graduating form our Pre-School Academy “Top-Top”  receives this diploma. This is the first kid’s certificate of degree (license №177706rigistration.№63 from January31, 2007 issued by the Ministry of Education of the Saratov Region)! Moreover Top-Top pupils participate in various projects, actions, photo sessions and competitions and get different awards!








What traditions start and finish every academic year in “Top-Top”?




Many new pupils come to “Top-Top” in the beginning of every new academic year. To avoid mess a special tradition exists. Children put on ties of different colors which indicate different groups and each group has a color of its own. 


The first day of a new academic year in “Top-Top” is a bright solemn and memorable festival. At the end of the year the traditional academy-leaving party takes place. Children who are going to enter school get “Top-Top” diplomas, take pictures in academic gowns and caps. From now on they are proudly called the members of the “Top-Top” Academy. This is how our 2008-year graduate Masha Beglakova looked like. 

At any time of every year according to the good tradition “Top-Top” children sing the hymn of the Academy with pleasure.




Tell us about the staff of the Academy.

I’m sincerely proud of the staff! They are versatile and talented people. They like to learn, to create new games and challenges for children and can turn every lesson into a fairy tale!

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